5 Vancouver food trucks that satisfy a sweets craving

By on July 2, 2015


Vancouver food trucks aren’t only dishing out the salty and savoury – many trucks are drawing crowds for the sweet stuff on their menu. From waffles to bread pudding your sweet tooth can be filled with a visit to one of these trucks.

Here’s are round-up of trucks serving something sweet.

Yolk’s Breakfast Street Meet Truck
This breakfast food truck goes beyond gourmet egg sandwiches with waffles, fresh fruit, pancakes, granola and french toast.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck
While the grilled cheese sandwich may be the star of this truck you don’t want to miss their Fat Elvis – peanut butter and banana meet in-between two slices of white bread.

Aussie Pie Guy
This truck offers savoury pies filled with meat and veggies with one exception – their dessert pie. The Sweetie Pie is a a perfectly crisp pie crust packed with apples, cinnamon and vanilla custard. Yum.

C’est si bon
Chocolate lovers opt out on the sandwiches and go straight for the choco mousse cake at this food truck. Chocolate mousse lays on a crunchy hazelnut paste and is topped with soft creamy caramel.

The Tasty Torpedo
Go beyond the savoury stuffed sandwiches at this food truck and indulge in the Funky Monkey – their take on a chocolate banana bread pudding.

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Photo of waffles from Yolk’s Breakfast Street Meet Truck.

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